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Nita Evans is host of a one hour weekly radio show and 50 minute podcast called, “The Chat with Nita Evans.” The show originates from the WYGS station in Columbus, Indiana, and covers an area of 200,000 people.

On the show, Nita chats with women from all walks of life who are followers of Jesus Christ and active in their daily pursuit of making a difference for Christ.

The word chat means “a friendly informal conversation,” and this is exactly what Nita has with her guest each week as she talks with them about what their walk of faith looks like on a daily basis. Their chat includes the guests testimony, prayer and devotional life, life verse, favorite Biblical accounts, mentors, struggles and much more.

You can tune in on the following radio station on air and thru live stream each Saturday morning from 9-10:00 EST. Podcast can be accessed on:

Tune in to “The Chat” on radio stations: