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For many years, Nita Evans has been a family counselor, author, newspaper columnist and City Police Chaplain, as well as, a national retreat and conference speaker.

Legacy of Faith: Walking with Jesus Come What May, is Nita’s new 40 day devotional. It is written with a unique view of one who has experienced many hardships in life, all the while, holding onto the loving and all powerful hand of Jesus.

Examples of these: her home was destroyed by a flood in 2008, for three years she provided care through to the eventual death of her spouse of 36 years to early onset Alzheimer’s disease, she delivered her first child stillborn and one parent died in an auto accident and the other to cancer, and more…

Each devotion comes from the heart of one who has witnessed the everyday faithfulness of God from the perspective of a follower of Jesus Christ. It offers hope and encouragement while going through the tough times of life leaning on Jesus.

All proceeds from the sale of her book goes to Clarity.



Legacy of Faith can be purchased at the following stores:

Price: $15 plus $3 for shipping.

All proceeds go to Clarity Pregnancy Services.

Make checks payable to "Clarity Pregnancy Services" and mail to:

Nita Evans
3114 Griffa Avenue
Columbus, IN 47203

You can also contact me via email or phone.