Note From Nita

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The following conditions must be met if you are considering my
services for a future conference, retreat, or workshop:

Your directing council must prayerfully agree I am the one
God is directing as "woman of the hour" for your event.
Prayer by all involved must take top priority,
bathing all areas of your event with prayer regularly.
Your event must be organized and planned well in advance of the special date.
A few words about my speaking fee. 100% of the money I receive from speaking goes to one of the host's local ministries. I ask the host churches or Christian organizations to select a ministry within it's church and one ministry within it's local community like a food bank, etc. and I pick a ministry in it's area once called Crisis Pregnancy Center, now known as, Clarity. At the end of each speaking engagement and in front of all attendees, I pick the name of one of these from a bowl and ask that a check be sent directly to this ministry as a donation from the church, not from me.



My Goal:

Spiritual renewal and encouragement!